Since around 2001 Jim has been doing the photography at a small number of schools.  In each case so far the schools have made the initial approach after seeing the great child portrait photography we do.

​Starting out with the traditional school portraits, Jim immediately decided to shoot them outdoors for a more natural look. Parents seemed to love the style and we are still doing the photography at the first two schools 20 years on.

Following on from the school portraits, we began to shoot pictures for the school prospectuses and magazines.  Many of the picture were also used for other marketing purposes and eventually onto the school websites.

At this point many schools seem to be completely overhauling their websites, and those new sites are very picture-hungry.  With our extensive experience in what schools are trying to show with their photography, combined with our great ability to make children and staff feel at ease, we could be a very good match for your school.

The areas we can offer to cover are -

* Individual Pupil Portraits

* Class and year group pictures

* Team pictures

* Music and Dramatic performance pictures and video

* Photography of all aspects of school life including classroom based activities, sports and boarding house pictures for use both on websites and in print for marketing.

Have a look at our School Portfolio to see recent examples of our work.  If you wish to see more, please contact us and we can make other galleries available for you to see.